The Journey of Motherhood

Pregnancy and motherhood are few of the most memorable parts of a woman’s life, they are an honor and privilege when a girl transforms into a mother. May be motherhood is one of the most difficult times of life but leaves back unforgettable memories, every day is a new day and every problem is a new one.

To make things easier and fun, Hazari Impex has brought a huge variety of Tigex Baby Products, they are available online too. The huge range includes

Bottle Accessories
This includes baby bottle warmers, cleaning brushes in different sizes and colors to suit the baby needs and milk/ water bottles for both boys and girls.

Baby Teether, Cutlery and Baby Pillows
This range of Tigex Baby Products include rattles, teether rings in many colors and designs, feedings bowls, spoons, forks and all other necessary baby stuff.

Nipples, Pumps, Bib and Other Baby Accessories
Tigex Baby Products has a huge range of all these accessories in different designs and colors. They are all safe for the baby. All baby products can be shopped from

These products would no longer keep parenthood stressful, from newborn till a year or two the baby needs attentions and love, Tigex Baby Products would aid parents in upbringing their baby. The transition to parenthood is painless if parents tackle their young ones with patience, love and care.



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