Tigex Baby Feeder Bottle

There are so many moms struggling with Breastfeeding and they are falling apart from the tension of trying to feed their babies. An Infant can bring so much stamina, fun and amusement to the whole family. He/she is the center of all our care. It is our responsibility to give him/her comfort.

Many moms don’t have time to breastfeed their babies. Whether they are working or they are out for a date night, it means they will need a Bottle for their baby, not the breast. Occasionally, Bottle Feeding is easier to manage than breastfeeding. Bottles nipples are rigid and they flow more constantly.

Hazari Impex, with their high level of standards, makes it painless for all the moms out there to make the right choice when it comes to feeding newborns. For more information visit our website www.shop.hazari.com.pk



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